Radon Testing

Radon gas is well known for its harmful effects on humans, such as cancer and birth defects. We are well aware of the Radon “red zones” in the Ottawa and Gatineau area and will advise you on potential Radon gas entry points, and we can provide Radon testing on demand.

We advise on Radon gas testing as part of our home inspection services

Radon Zones

Certain areas are known for high concentrations of Radon gas within the underlying soil. Areas close to bedrock, where natural uranium concentrations are present, are particularly subject to Radon gas pockets. We will advise you if your property is in such an area.

Radon Infiltration

During the home inspection, we will identify any areas where Radon gas could penetrate the building envelope. These include cracks in basement floor slabs, cracks in foundation walls, open sumps and french drains, etc. We will advise you on how to seal any potential entry points.

Our home inspection includes identifying areas where Radon can enter the home
Instant Radon tests are not recommended as they are highly inaccurate

“Snapshot” Tests

Some companies provide “instant” Radon testing, also known as “snapshot tests”. These are not recommended as the Radon levels can fluctuate wildly throughout the day, and throughout the seasons. An instant reading may show little Radon gas present, whereas readings could actually exceed provincial limits at other times.

Accurate Testing

We recommend long-term testing of 6 to 12 months using Alpha Track Dosimeters. We will order the dosimeters and set them up in the home, and we will then return in 6 to 12 months to collect them and ship them to the lab. A lab report will then be sent to the client shortly after.

Radon gas testing dosimeters are recommended