Quality Assurance

Photographic analysis, technical and building code research, video footage review, updating and auditing field notes… Several hours of work are put in at our office after the inspection to ensure our clients are fully informed.

Our photographic analysis is unique and ensures accurate home inspections

Photographic Analysis

We collect hundreds of high-resolution photographs during the home inspection. Our high-powered lenses capture images of building components difficult to see from our vantage point. These images are carefully scrutinized on our large 4K display, identifiyng deficiencies that were not otherwise visible.

Video Review

The entire home inspection is recorded on our high-resolution body cameras. Bodycam, drone and polecam footage is reviewed at our office to ensure all identified deficiencies are noted in our field notes. We can even provide our clients with a professionally produced HD video of their inspection for an additional fee.

Our home inspections are recorded by our bodycams
We research building codes as part of our home inspections

Technical Research

Thanks to our engineering backgrounds and vast experience, we have a library of information and access to industry experts. We perform technical research, such as local Leda clay deposits and Radon “red zones”, to provide our clients with additional valuable information.

Review & Auditing

Once all photos and videos have been reviewed and analyzed, and all additional tech research is completed, our field notes are then reviewed and audited to ensure all information is accurate and no details were omitted.

Our notes are reviewed and audited for the home inspection report