Home Inspection Equipment

High-resolution optical and thermographic cameras, bodycams, deep-sensing moisture meters, electrical testers, ladders, drones and crawler robots. Along with our ladders, powerful LED “tactical” flashlights and lithium-powered flood lights, and our cordless screwdrivers and various other tools, we are equipped to access and inspect every part of your home.

LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

The flashlight is the home inspector’s most important tool. We utilize high-powered “tactical” LED flashlights which allow us to see perfectly in the darkest places.

LED Flood Light

The LED flood (“cob”) light allows us to see in large unlit areas. Our flood lights are powerful enough to light up entire attics or crawl spaces.

Cordless Screwdriver

The cordless screwdriver permits quick access to panels and fast removal of wall plates.

High-Resolution Camera

The high-res camera is a vital tool. With its high-powered zoom lens, it allows us to capture detailed shots of far away features such as roof ridges and valley flashing.

Thermal Imaging Camera

The “infrared” camera detects temperature differentials. It is one of the tools we use to detect possible hidden leaks, insulation problems, etc.

Body Camera

The “bodycam” allows us to record and review the entire inspection as part of our QA process. We now also provide HD videos of the inspection to our clients.

Moisture Meter

The moisture meter is another tool which allows to detect hidden moisture problems and leaks. This provides a more precise measurement of underlying moisture.

Electrical Outlet Tester

The receptacle tester ensures plugs are grounded and correctly polarized, and also permits remote ground-fault (GFCI) testing on slaved circuits.

Induction Detector

The induction detector is a great tool for determining if any “knob-and-tube” wiring is live or has been safely deactivated. It detects live voltages in cables.

Pole Camera

The “pole cam” consists of a 30 ft telescopic pole fitted with a high-resolution WiFi camera. It allows us to examine those unreachable areas.


Our drone, whom we aptly named “Johnny Fly”, allows to take high-res video with its high quality lens of areas we simply cannot see or reach otherwise.

Crawler Robot

Coming soon! Our crawler robot will be arriving this summer. This will allow us to inspect crawl spaces that are unsafe or impossible to physically access.