Mold and Asbestos Testing

We save the client and the agent from the burdon of scheduling a separate visit for collection of the lab sample. We provide asbestos testing and mold testing, including lab sample collection, preparation, and analysis, as an added value service to our clients.

Asbestos testing is part of our home inspection services

Sample Collection

We collect the lab sample following all recommended safety procedures. We take care not to contaminate the environment while we procure our sample. The sample is double sealed in Ziplock bags, and our collection tools are kept sealed while not in use.

Preparation & Packaging

We schedule the lab test, fill out the requisite chain of custody paperwork, and package the sample following all industry regulations. Samples are tagged and safely packaged with protective material to prevent breaching of the sample bags in transit.

We carefully package our asbestos and mold samples for safety
We personally deliver the sample to the shipping depot as part of our home inspection service

Sample Shipment

Once packaged and sealed, we apply the shipping label and personally deliver the package to the shipping company. Samples are shipped for delivery by the following business day AM for rush orders, or 1 to 2 business days for regular orders.

Lab Testing

We work with LCS Laboratory Inc, at the University of Western Ontario Research Park in London, Ontario. Their laboratory meets the ISO 17025 standard. Including shipping, processing, testing, and reporting, we can provide the lab report within 2 to 3 business days on rush orders.

We work with a top accredited laboratory, ensuring accurate asbestos and mold testing results