Pre-Offer Home Walkthrough Consultations

Our popular MCC service consists of a walkthrough of the home, examining all major components within a one-hour appointment, allowing buyers to make informed decisions on placing “no-conditions” offers on hot properties where a formal home inspection is not possible.

Peace Of Mind Without a Home Inspection?

With today’s “seller’s market”, buying a home in Ottawa is harder than ever. Most buyers are forced to make offers with no home inspection conditions, or risk to have their offer rejected for a competing offer from another buyer. The walkthrough, or “MCC”, allows buyers to make their offer with no inspection conditions, while having the peace of mind that all major components have been examined by an independent, highly experienced home inspector.

Home walkthrough consultations give peace of mind without a home inspection
Lower cost than a home inspection

Lower Cost than a Home Inspection

Many buyers are hesitant of paying for a complete home inspection for a property that they may not end up successfully purchasing. With today’s market, many homebuyers end up making several offers on several properties before finally having an offer accepted. An MCC is relatively inexpensive, and will provide the buyer with valuable details on the condition of all major systems and components.

Covers All Major Home Systems and Components

We’re often asked: “how much can you really check in an hour?”. You’d be surprised! The MCC includes the foundation (inside and outside), structural systems (floors, beams, posts, roof), water and sewer services, piping (basement), water heater, electrical service and panel, main wiring (basement), furnace, air conditioner, attic insulation/ventilation, exterior cladding (brick, siding, stucco), flashing, roof, property drainage, etc.

All the major components covered in a home inspection
Affordable knowledge for a wise home purchase decision

Knowledge for a Wise Home Purchase

We will examine all the important components and fully advise you on all the defects, deficiencies, and maintenance items. We will advise you on what immediate costs you will be facing, as well as any future costs and when to plan for them. We will also provide you with valuable tips on maintaining your home and we will remain available to you for questions or advice in the future.

Easier to Schedule Than a Home Inspection

With current market conditions, real estate agents are sometimes unable to schedule a home inspection, even prior to making an offer. Showing days are like a revolving door, new buyers coming in every hour. The MCC is tailored specifically to be performed within a one-hour appointment, easing the scheduling burden on your real estate agent. We’re even equipped with portable vacuum cleaners to make sure we leave the home in its pristine condition, like we were never there!

Easier to schedule than a home inspection


A Home Inspection Alternative

In Today’s “Seller’s Market”


$295+ HST
  • Verbal Consultation Only


$395+ HST
  • Includes Detailed Report

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“There’s nothing I enjoy more than knowing that my work, my advice, has helped someone. I often do pro-bono work for people in tough situations, homeowners who don’t know who to talk to for good unbiased advice. That’s why I never charge anything to anyone who calls or emails me in search of help with their home.”

Eric Parent is a home inspector in Ottawa and Gatineau
Eric Parent