Hi all! The other day I was at one of my regular hangouts, the local home renovation store. You know the one, it’s huge, has a four letter name, and is “doing it right”.  I call it a regular hangout, as I’m often there, either picking up parts and supplies for some random reno job I’m doing on my home or cottage, or I am there just drooling over the barbecues and lawn tractors, and dreaming up some future random reno job for my home or cottage. Anyway, there I was the other day, walking down a flooring aisle, whilst trying to come up with my next topic for my monthly blog (this very one you’re reading now). All of a sudden I find myself standing near a couple of guys picking out floor tiles.

Now, it’s not that I have a habit of eavesdropping or anything, nor do I condone such behavior, but I couldn’t help but overhear some of their conversation. Without going into details, let’s just say that guy number one, let’s call him Mike, was picking out some new floor tiles for his bathroom, which he is renovating himself. Guy number two, let’s call him Paul, was there as a “knowledgeable buddy” to give him advice on what tiles to buy, along with what products he’ll need for installation, and how to do the installation. So there Paul goes, advising Mike, who obviously has no idea what he’s doing. Well… ever hear the saying “the blind leading the blind?” Yeah… Paul’s advice was really that bad. And there was poor Mike, obliviously nodding and listening intently on how to tile a floor, or I should say, how NOT to tile a floor. Everything from laying ceramic tile directly over the old floor without installing a proper subfloor, to using a porous tile and not bothering to seal it… in a wet zone of all places! Finally it got to the point where I had to intercede. So off I go, being as “diplomatic” as possible as to not offend or insult Paul, who most likely meant well. After giving Mike (and Paul) some much-needed advice, off I went on my merry way, feeling good about myself for saving another lost soul from destroying part of his home.

So, as you likely figured out by now, this month’s article is about being wary of bad advice. I’m seeing more and more people thinking they’re renovation experts, because they’ve seen every episode of a certain home renovation show. And, coincidentally, I’m seeing more and more homes that have been massacred by their owners who did their own “renovations”. If you do it wrong, or try to go cheap and save a few bucks, you’ll just have to redo it again shortly after. Or, if you plan on trying to sell your home afterwards, I’ll end up showing up and… well… you’ll just have to redo it again shortly after. With all the resources available today, there’s no reason why you should have to settle with bad advice. There’s plenty of places to get good advice for free. And if you’re still not sure, send me an e-mail or give me a call (or stop me in an aisle at the local home renovation store). I’m always more than happy to give free advice, whether you’re a client or not.

See you next month, where my next topic will be… can you guess it? … How to properly tile a floor!  (Yes I know, I can be lazy when it comes to topic ideas).

Happy home-owning!

Eric Parent

PS: I realize the picture doesn’t make much sense… It’s just so precious, I had to find an excuse to post it somewhere.